Excursions...A few of the many in Bali

Sekumpul Waterfall


Sekumpul Waterfall is one of Bali’s most beautiful attractions. The waterfall is actually a cluster of six to seven narrow cascades that form the centerpiece of a lush green bamboo forested valley. 

You will reach the falls on a nature trek through the namesake village of Sekumpul, which is located about 40 minutes from Lovina Beach. 

 There are two options with this excursion, one requiring a good deal of effort, with a hundred or so steps and crossings over streams to bring you to the base of the waterfall for a swim. Or you can relax after a short walk through the jungle to some gazebos where you can enjoy a Bali Coffee with the locals while enjoying the view of the 80m-tall majestic fall from a distance.

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Menjangan Island


You will travel by bus along the stunning coastal road to the West Bali National Park.  The small island is reached by boat from the port of Labuhan Lalang near Pemuteran Beach.  The island is home to the rare Javan rusa deer, locally known as ‘menjangan’ (Cervus timorensis) and which gave the island its name. Down at the coastline, calm waters and coral gardens teeming with marine life offer diving and snorkelling with excellent visibility. Visiting Menjangan Island requires the accompaniment of a local guide and permit.  Besides pristine nature, you can also admire the island’s collection of shrines, including Segara Giri Dharma Kencana Temple with its towering seaward-facing Ganesh statue on its hilly north-eastern shore.

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Banjar Hot Springs


Banjar Hot Springs, locally referred to as ‘Air Panas Banjar’, are located approximately 15 minutes from the hotel in Lovina.  The centuries-old hot springs have been upgraded with modern facilities over time, and are a favorite retreat and recreational site among locals and international visitors.The hot water springs complex comprises four main pool sections with restrooms, lockers and changing rooms, and a spa and massage facility. The bathing pools are constructed around the hot water spring source and feature a tiered structure. The first level features eight dragon spouts with a smaller pool also adjoining this section. The large size of the central bathing pools enables families to join in on the soothing dip. Down on the second level is the main central pool.

Those not interested in going for a swim can easily enjoy the lush tropical gardens, or the view from above at the Komala Tirta Restaurant.

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A Trip to the Spa...


Bali is known for its traditional massage and bathing rituals. This translates into wonderful spa experiences. The local Araminth Spa is a lovely place to escape for a treatment that is meditative and professionally delivered.  In additional to facials, pedicures and massages, you may want to experience a traditional treatment that is used during Indonesian ceremonies and healing.

The Boreh healing treatment uses natural local herbs to soothe painful or sore areas of your body. Boreh Arak is for rheumatism, respiratory system disorders and muscle pains. Boreh Kunyit is a mixture of root powders for improving blood circulation, nourishing the skin and muscle soothing.

The Mandi Lulur is an ancient Javanese recipe that was designed for treating the Royal family prior to their wedding. It starts with a deep body scrub made of spices and yellow rice flour, followed by a full body massage and warm bath with Balinese flowers. 

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Brahmavihara - Arama

 Brahmavihara-Arama is Bali’s largest Buddhist monastery, located up in the hills of Banjar, about 15 minutes from the hotel. It comprises a hectare of hillside, with numerous meditation rooms, libraries, beautiful gardens, and an impressive mini replica of the world's largest Buddhist archaeological site, Borobudur on its highest grounds.  

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